Fresh Curl

Moisture and definition for all types of curls. All curls are not created equal. Some curls are coarse, frizzy and hard to manage. Other curls are lazy, fragile and lack definition. Fresh Curls addresses the specific needs of different                types of curly hair with new                                 technologies and products                                       specifically formulated for each                                        type of curl. Now you can                                            awaken and boost fine, lazy                                              curls or discipline and redefine                                       coarse, unruly locks.

Gently cleanses, nourishes and fights frizz on curly hair

Fresh Curls Shampoo

Fresh Curls Conditioner

Detangles, softens and moisturizes for all-day memory, frizz control and shine

Anti-Frizz Shiner powerful all-day humidity seal for curly hair


Smoothes, refines and helps block humidity for all day frizz control and shiny curl perfection

Curl Boost anti-frizz scrunching spray gel for curly hair


Moisturizes, activates and re-energizes curls, providing humidity resistance, lasting control and shine.

Curl Refiner leave-in anti-frizz detangler for unruly curls


Tames, detangles and helps control frizz for lasting memory, manageability and shine. Specifically formulated for unruly curls.


Spring Mousse leave-in anti-frizz activator for lazy curls


Strengthens, boosts and re-energizes limp, lazy curls.


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